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Next Meetings

A brief outline of our next talks:

Friday 19 January 2018:  The Last Naval Hero

presented by Roy Smart

The Last Naval Hero was blessed with the "Nelson Touch" and was something of a bounder.

David, 1st Earl Beatty, armed with a ruthless and  charismatic personality rose with meteoric speed from humble Cadet to First Sea Lord. He became a Statesman and public hero of the Great War.  This tale is of his astonishing rise to fame and fortune, and his controversial part in the greatest sea battle and later surrender in maritime history.

The talk also covers his life with the hedonistic, opulent, American socialite, Ethel, Countess Beatty, and a ‘Downton Abbey’  life-style of immense riches, marital strife and  scandal

Our speaker Roy Smart  was a Naval Officer, Fleet Air Arm pilot and air director of many great national memorial events including the televised D Day, VE and VJ Day commemorations. He recently contributed to the BBC Radio centenary commemorations of the Battle of Jutland.


Friday 16 February: Curing with Water
presented by Cora Weaver

The Curative Effects of Water is a review of Spas, both British and European. It reviews who used spas,why and what the treatments included. Florence Nightingale used Malvern Spa extensively. There is a practical guide as to how historically developed water cures can still be used by people at home today, to cure various ailments.

Cora Weaver performing 19th. century preparation of patient for water treatmentCora Weaver, a Retired teacher of history, at a museum dressed in a costume appropriate for the lesson in this case a 19th.C nurse preparing apatient for water treatment.. Cora has written several books on spas, Elgar and various aspects of Malvern’s history.


Friday 16 March: The Back to Back Houses in Birmingham

The Birmingham ‘Back to Backs’ talk is a chance to experience how Birmingham’s working people lived their lives. From the late 18th century to 2004 we see how Court 15, Inge St. evolved and escaped the 1960’s redevelopement. A snapshot of the lives of four families living and working from the court.

So come along and listen to a fascinating history as it unfolds around this unique place, saved for all to visit and enjoy.

Our speaker is Clive Katz, formerly a mathematics teacher.  He worked for the National Trust at Calke Abbey for some years and has been an N.T. volunteer at Calke and the Bimingham Back to Back houses. Part of his volunteering is to deliver the NT. Talks Service.