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Next Meetings

A brief outline of our next talks:

Friday 21 April:  Women and Motor Cars  

presented by Stephen Laing

From the very start of the motor industry women played an important part in manufacturing. Tasks requiring dexterity were often best undertaken by women.  Women were also among the earliest car owners. Gradually during the C20th. manufacturers realised that women have great influence in a choice of car. Learn about the crucial part women played in our motor industy development.

Stephen is curator of the British Motor Museum, Gaydon


Friday 18 May:  Churches of Warwickshire

presented by Tim Bridges

Tim is the Conservation Advisor for the Victorian Society responsible  for Secular and Church buildings in the West Midlands Metropolitan Area, including Warwickshire. He advises the Diocesan Advisory Committees for Worcestershire and Glocestershire Diocese. This talk covers Mediaeval and Victorian perspectives on church architecture in our area of the country.