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Bidford Local History

A summary of our Local History on this web site

Bidford History extends back to the late Neolithic period. Details of finds will appear in spring 2017.

Excavations entitled "Buried under Bidford" were funded through English Heritage. They accessed Roman and Medieaval sites in the village. The following page reproduces information boards produced through that programme.

In the Journal of Warwickshire Local history Society Vol XV, Number 3 September 2012 Professor Christopher Dyer published a very comprehensive paper. Entitled "Was Bidford-on-Avon a town in the Middle Ages?, It provides a comprehensive overview of the village from before the Normans invasion until 1500AD. Copies of the document are available through the following link:  http://www.warwickshirehistory.org.uk/publications.html 

in 2016 the Society research group published an historic walking guide to present day Bidford. An electronic copy of "Bidford History Trail" is available by clicking on the link.

A large selection of Photographs of Bidford are available from Our Warwickshire website. Click on http://www.ourwarwickshire.org.uk/ to view them and to access other files. You can also view pictures showing contemporary C20th. events and some historic views. The Society has no input to this editorial material provided by the Parish Council.Click on: http://www.bidfordonavon-pc.gov.uk/yourphotos.htm 


Bidford Local History
Buried under Bidford Display Boards